Richard Moir
Consultant, Vanguard Consulting, United Kingdom

Richard Moir has been a consultant with Vanguard Consulting for 8 years and has helped a wide variety of service organizations apply the Vanguard Method. Whether public or private sector and regardless of size, as a result of applying the Vanguard Method these organizations have achieved dramatic improvements in the service they provide along with improvements in cost of delivery, revenue and morale of their employees. As part of this work Richard has often assisted these organizations in their application of technology and development efforts.


Here’s the bad news: Trying to find better ways to undertake change in organizations may not be enough to achieve the desired benefits and improvements.

Here’s the good news: The Vanguard Method is a proven approach to discovering the true problems that need to be tackled in order to achieve improvement.

At the most fundamental level the Vanguard Method helps leaders of service organizations move from a Command and Control design (based on traditional management assumptions) to a systems based design.  Taking a systems approach leads to some profound learning and raises questions about many aspects of organizations such as:

  • the design of the work that is completed in the organization
  • how the work is managed
  • how resources are used
  • what role leaders and managers play
  • what metrics are used and what they are used for
  • what (and how) changes are made

This mini-workshop will introduce the Vanguard Method and look at it in the context of changes that are made in organizations.  It will therefore:

  • explore how organizations typically identify what to change
  • introduce a structure to help you start to take a systems approach to understanding your organization
  • enable you to evaluate changes (both current and proposed) in your organization

Richard Moir

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