Knut Fahlén
Management Consultant, Ekan, Sweden

Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and worked in different areas as a Management consultant since the beginning of year 2002. For example Organizational development and change management, Performance management, beyond budgeting principles, public procurement and project management implementing IT systems in large organizations.

Lecture in Finance at EXMI, Stockholm, MBA-program for Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University Scotland

Lecture at Gothenburg Business School and School of Health Science in Borås.

Teaching controllers in analytics, change management, management accounting, management innovation such as Beyond Budgeting

PhD in Logistics and cost management


Beyond Budgeting approach is characterized by quick and elastic reaction for constant changing of market conditions. The business hierarchical organizations are reestablished to customers oriented and network functioning decentralized teams. The existing time monitored management forms and planning control are replaced with a new adaptive managerial process .The traditional paradigm of managerial model is changing. The remove of traditional budgeting model is not an objective but a subsequence.

Beyond Budgeting  12 Principles in categories

  • Governance and transparency
  • Accountable teams
  • Goals and rewards
  • Planning and controls

The five steps of revolutionary-evolutionary approach Beyond Budgeting in practice:

1.    Initiation
2.    Communication
3.    Proposal
4.    Realization
5.    Continuously improving

More about workshop you can find at Aguarra.

Knut Fahlén

Beyond Budgeting

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