Gergely Orbán
Organisation Developer, Project manager, Doctusoft, Hungary

Gergely is a senior project manager and organization developer at Doctusoft in Budapest. Besides project management Gergely provides coaching, team coaching, metoring with a strong focus on self management through building effective habits for individuals and teams.

He has been exploring holacracy as an agile way of running and governing the entire organization. He strongly believes that the next great competitive advantage of organizations lies in the intrinsic motivation and the shared self governing capacity of the people working there.

Gergely is a founding member of Circle43, a group of organization developers meeting regularly in Budapest with a purpose of creating a network of conscious businesses and professionals.


This workshop will explore the evolutionary steps of how we cooperated in the past to point out how may we cooperate tomorrow. 


Gergely Orbán

What is past and what is next in management?

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