Lennart Francke
Author - Det Agila Företaget (The Agile Company), , Sweden

Author of the book Det agila företaget (The Agile Company), 2017, together with Göran Nilsson. Chief Credit Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Svenska Handelsbanken 1998-2006, Head of Group Finance and Senior Advisor to Group Management at Swedbank 2011-2014, board member and chairman of Audit and Risk Committee at Qliro Financial Services since 2016. Lennart appeared at The Agilia conference in Brno in 2013.

mini-workshop (AMC Track)


Beyond Budgeting was born as a response of people from finance to pains with creating and validity of annual budgets. There must be better way. The way, that does not includes finaces only – the symptom, but address whole organization and managerial style – the root. Lennart has long time experience of practical Beyond Budgeting adoption in Handelsbanken and will on a simple exercises encourage alternative thinking on finance and management through collaboration. Participants will also learn why step beyond finance is important:

* customer orientation vs owner focus
* long term vs short term
* flexibility vs the need for formal planning
* trust control vs detailed follow-up systems
* intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation of people.



How to move the management model of a company from being unnecessarily centralistic and mechanistic to becoming more agile, flexible and adaptive, and to be more apt to cope with the challenges in today’s dynamic and competitive markets. How changes can be made in terms of 1/ long term customer orientation vs short-termish and one-eyed owner focus, 2/ adaptivity vs formalistic planning, 3/ trust in professional coworkers vs detaild instructions and daily scrutiny, and 4/ intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation as part of corporate leadership.

Lennart Francke

mini-workshop (AMC Track):
Beyond Budgeting - Organization perspective

The Agile Company

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