Tomek Pająk
Software Engineering Manager, SEQR, Poland

On daily basis Tomek is Software Engineering Manager at fintech company Seqr. It is the place where on daily basis he faces challenges of developing a disruptive product and takes repsonsibility for dealing with them. Tomek shares his experience as a speaker at international conferences and as an author of articles for InfoQ. He specializes in agile transformations, DevOps transformations, bulding high-performance organizations, organizational culture and navigating in complex adaptive systems.

As a consultant and coach Tomek witnesses other organizations trying to transform their businesses by adoption of certain concepts or technologies.



Once a certain business decision is made it needs to be executed. The way you do it has an impact on success rate of the initiative. According to my experience (and proven by research), awareness of organizational culture when leading change reduces risk of failure.

During the workshop I would like to help you to visualize organization culture in your company. Based on that we will experiment in a safe-to-fail environment with solutions to common challenges faced by organizations. The outcome of the workshop depends on the examples you are willing to share. I will bring mine so I count on yours as well.

Tomek Pająk

Navigating your company with an organizational culture compass

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