Boris Gloger
Founder, Boris Gloger Consulting GmbH, Austria

Boris Gloger, is the European Scrum-Pioneer. He was trained by Ken Schwaber himself and was certified as the first Scrum Trainer. Boris is constantly adapting and developing the Scrum practices for use in different cultural areas of the world and has set standards in the German-speaking and Scandinavian part of Europe as well as in Brazil and South-Africa. Besides educating trainers, teaching teams and individuals in the use of Scrum, Boris and his team of consultants have put the emphasis on the organizational changes and transformations that come along with Scrum implementations. Beyond the boundaries of the method itself Boris – as a consultant, author and speaker – always considers the company-wide implications and impacts of Scrum.

To address different issues on agile and Scrum he has published several books.


Self-organization needs direction. Agile product development teams need a vision and someone who can guide them in case they are in trouble. Leadership is even more essential in environments in which teams shall become hyper productive.

And therefore we need strong manager who want to lead.

Thus the role of middle management in agile organizations is pretty clear: They have to create an environment that fosters self-organization. But what does this really mean – how can we achieve this?

The good news: it is simple! However it demands a paradigm shift of all involved parties.

That means that we will need managers who think in a totally different ways than they had been educated by business and management schools.

First – they need to start leading! Create security with the „Circle of Safety“.

Second – the need to get involved with their teams – creating a culture of accomplishments an appreciation using Neuroscience.

Third – they need to create structures that foster self-organization – by using the Art of Hosting.

Fourth – they need to create a completely new way of acknowledgment of their peers by using positive reinforcment.

Boris Gloger will talk and demo about how to do this, based on real life experience – and it all starts with listening.



Boris Gloger

Self-organization needs leadership - or the role of management in an agile organization.

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