Rod Willis
Director & Co-founder, Assentire Ltd., United Kingdom

Rod integrates Collaboration and Mindsets via a range of activities to enhance individuals‘ knowledge, understanding and skill. Enabling them to work in a more agile way, informed by Social Dynamics and the three Human inquiry systems.

While in the Semiconductor sector, and after many mergers and acquisitions, Rod engaged in multiple research projects to better understand why organisations seem to struggle updating, or reinventing how they work. After a decade of exploration, development and testing, he now specializes in social dynamics, with a focus on collaboration and mindsets and how they interact and inform each other.

Rod has facilitated or spoken at major UK events such as Project Challenge, Agile Business Conference and the British Computer Society. His straightforward approach, integrates evidence-based research with established theories, to advance the practice of helping others find their own solutions. He is co-creator and facilitator of workshops for the MSc in Structured Innovation for the University of Buckingham (UK) specializing in Design Thinking, Systems Thinking and Complexity.

Hi prior experience involved working with, and developing international teams at all levels while being accountable for P&Ls throughout Europe and then Globally. In 2010, he started to develop the Accelerating Collaboration Everywhere(R) and Advancing Agile Mindsets Suite of tools. This being a unique collection of card and board serious play activities, online tools/profiles, all freely available to other facilitators wanting to bring about behavioural change at the group of organisational levels.



Organisations (structures having social dynamics) can travel the road from ‚Emergence‘ to ‚Sustaining‘ with many experiencing their final phase of ‚Creative Destruction‘ (this being a typical organisational life-cycle). However, the successful ones find a way of moving beyond this point, to ‚Renewal‘ using innovation by design methods. The successful transition to Renewal will only occur with appropriate, conscious effort. This talk will show how Dynamic Work Design can integrate agile practice with design thinking, helping organisations make the transformation.

micro-Worshop (AMC track only)


Rod will provide a presentation that sets the scene for participants to work with colleagues in exploring new insights, which they can take back and apply in the workplace. The presentation will start with significant change journey that Rod is familiar with, including successes and challenges. He will then go on to explore how new thinking around context and emergent change might have been applied to improve the outcomes. We will finish with a short interactive session enabling those in the room to reflect on their own experiences of major change and consider potential new insights.

Walkaround workshop - 90 min


Have you seen groups and teams that you know can work together better, but not sure how to help them?

In this interactive session, you will discover how to enhance collaboration and build high-performing teams/groups by playing the game of Collaboration Poker. Each game can be for up to 6 people and we can run two sessions concurrently (limit within the session is two games)

Groups and teams often have a sense they can work more effectively together; however, they don’t typically have a common language to take advantage of this. Accelerating Collaboration Everywhere™ framework provides a common language through which groups can articulate and explore their behaviours, thoughts, feelings and what they are sensing, enabling the group to develop the skills and drive needed to become more Agile and collaborative. This results in improved productivity and performance.

By playing this game, those interested in Agile team development come to understand a new framework and vocabulary that explores the three dimensions – Learning Dynamic, Control Dynamic and Environment Dynamic.

Let’s Get Collaborating, you are welcome to signup and join us!

Rod Willis

Unleashing the power of collaboration & mindsets for reinvention

micro-Worshop (AMC track only):
The game of collaboration, to start to understand social dynamics

Walkaround workshop - 90 min:
Workshop (Collaboration Poker)

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