Michal Vallo
Agile Mentor & Founder, Aguarra, s.r.o., Czech Republic

Michal has managed the first Scrum project in the Czech Republic, and thus became first Scrum Master. His deep interest lies in agile management of technology companies. After successful reinvention of Actum company, he has founded Aguarra, a training and consulting company, to help people in Central Europe to deploy modern managerial techniques for their businesses and boost their agility and performance. He founded agile movement and community in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and organize respected conferences. He loves to visit innovative companies worldwide for learning and inspiration. Michal holds a master degree in Electrical Engineering by the University of Zilina and gained his MBA at Open University Business School in Milton Keynes, UK.



In the industry there are growing concerns about what practitioners call Dark Agile. A growing majority of leading experts advice against SAFe. What may seem like a reassuring solution could be instead a very expensive and time-consuming mistake.
Are you an entrepreneur, a director, a senior leader considering the adoption of SAFe or any other scaled agile frameworks?

Would you like to join us at the discussion table? Would you open up for us your motivation for SAFe adoption? What it is that attracted you toward consideration of this approach? What are your expectations for adopting Agile? And what is the particular context of your organization which we might be missing when looking from outside?

This session will be recorded and edited into a public podcast. Its purpose is to discuss the expectations: Why organizations are thinking SAFe as a solution for their agility? We will also look, what leading agile experts say about the framework and we will discuss alternative possibilities, that could be used instead.

The session will be moderated by: Luca Minudel and Michal Vallo


  • Attila Ferik, Software Platform Engineering Director, GE Healthcare Hungary
  • Jan Mastalir, Technical Director, 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE, Czech Republic
  • Michal Vallo, CEO and Management Consultant, Czech Republic
  • Luca Minudel, Agile Coach & Trainer, SmHarter, Italy & UK
  • Read more about what leading industry experts says about SAFe.

    Small presentation & Miniworkshop


    Perhaps you noticed it, too. The organization is still profitable. You observe people in it, and they seem to be somehow disconnected. When you speak with them you get feeling, that there is hidden dissatisfaction with how things are done here. There is no open disagreement and still friendly atmosphere. However, you somehow feel the disengagement and status quo in the air, if not hidden conflict. Innovation is gone, everyone routinely completes tasks that arrived from somewhere, simply business as usual. When everything works, why to bother with change?

    This is the prevailing scenario when I come to the organization as an Agile consultant. And my task is telling developers how to do better Scrum or another method to scale their Agile. So they finally “perform”, entire delivery is “faster” and they produce “more” features. My experience of CEO tells me, that it is elsewhere I should look. It is because Agile in the business is a complex cross-organizational change. I try to understand the root cause of the problems. I reflect my discoveries to the people and encourage them to create a solution.

    How can the leaders influence the agility in their organization? They can start from the inside. They can liberate themselves from the status quo of the business as usual routine and attempting to see organizational ecosystem holistically. I invite you to my presentation and micro-workshop. We will discuss how the right definition of success and the right planning process can enable a holistic view, and bring engagement toward building an agile organization.



    Course presents rise and evolution of Agile, the context and types of problems it was designed to help with in various parts of the organization – management, organizational structure, agile culture, regular delivery of value, importance of human capital, management of finance or software development. It explains some myths about agile techniques and in consequence shows how to utilize these techniques to building of modern agile organization.

    In the course you will learn in the form of lecture, managed discussion, team collaboration in small groups, video content or simulations an idea about what does it mean Agile for modern organization. You will get also overview about current perception of Agile in the organizations and inspiration where and how to start if you want to benefit from Agile approaches for managing of your own organization.

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