Kamil Puk
Agile Practice Lead, Netguru, Poland

Kamil Puk is an Agile Practice Lead in Netguru, responsible for growing the agile mindset and practices across this fast-growing digital consultancy company. With an experience as a project manager and a team leader, he has seen plenty of exciting ideas turn into great products – or into dust. Kamil has a background in finance, technology, and service design, which allows him to see various perspectives and apply a broad range of tools to get things done.

After hours, he’s a passionate amateur cook, aspiring sailor, and incorporeal dreamer trying to make his dog just a little more obedient.



This workshop will touch the frequent pain point of introducing and enhancing the organizational agility – enabling the empirical and iterative approach to the top management teams.

There is a long-term value we can create in organizations by engaging top management in a recurring retrospective approach. The workshop will help participants to understand why to invest in it and how to remove the most common obstacles.

We will briefly discuss the basics of retrospectives, then work in teams to apply new knowledge to prototype the solutions for our organizations. In the end, we will discuss our shared observations and recommendations so that everyone can leave with a personalized, actionable plan.

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