Ido Miran
Director, Product Management, Time To Know, Israel

Ido is a passionate product leader and entrepreneur, with almost 20 years of experience in various inbound/outbound positions at small and large tech companies of different domains.

Throughout his career, Ido has gained first-hand experience of the industry’s transition from the traditional paradigms towards the Agile way of working. In recent years, his focus gravitates around understanding the dynamics of knowledge and information flows within organizations, while addressing the challenges of this domain through innovative technology.

In 2016 Ido co-founded Neural7, a visionary AI-based startup automating content creation and distribution in the Sales Enablement space, and in the last couple of years he plays a pivotal role in the product team of Time To Know, a well-established Israeli startup that is disrupting the way companies disseminate critical knowledge to their frontline employees, partners and customers – directly impacting their bottom line.



In the era of the VUCA world, knowledge becomes a currency that matters. It is increasingly important for organizations to manage the development of Human Capital because it is only these „assets“ that matter and stands for the Value of the organization.
In this session, we will deep dive with Ido into an anatomy of the knowledge in the world of work. In the discussion and group work, we will open the archetypes like knowledge, competences, drivers, compelling events, self-learning, push vs pull, centralized vs distributed, business vs HR/L&D, and we will uncover those business-critical knowledge just in time. We will show what is the impacts of knowledge on the bottom line and why organizations need to approach knowledge creation strategically. All in a group activity with exercises.

Ido Miran


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