Francesco Mondora
Co CEO, mondora srl sb, Italy

Francesco is one of the founders of mondora srl sb, with over 20 years experience in the IT world. He is a visionary and an optimist, and enjoys working on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Robotics. As well as being the CEO of Benefit Corporation mondora, Francesco is also a passionate teacher, specialised in Executive Coaching and an expert of Corporate Agile Management and Business Strategy. He is a disruptive thinker who loves collaborating with people and businesses in building and adapting self organised companies and focusing on the happiness of employees. Francesco can often be found speaking about these topics at conferences and events throughout Europe.



Reinvented organizations are all those companies which are changing the rules of business by implementing new frontiers of management. We will state how finding an evolutionary purpose through self-management, derives from the idea of wholeness. It’s when all the stakeholders count in every action of this new regular corporation.

During the workshop, I will analyze some practices we have in Mondora. We will work by thinking of all the different types of stakeholders and a way to negotiate agreements with them in mind. Contracts vary from letters of employment to customers and suppliers. We are going to identify some of the broken rules in a company. We will break them, enhancing self-management and reach “our” evolutionary purpose.

Francesco Mondora


Break the broken rules

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